Virgin Indian Hair

Virgin Indian Hair

8"    $420                Each  kilogram 

10"  $520                Each kilogram

12"  $600                Each kilogram 

18"  $1080              Each kilogram

20"  $1120              Each kilogram

22"  $1240              Each kilogram

24"  $1300              Each kilogram

26"  $1380              Each kilogram 

28"  $1440              Each kilogram 

30"  $1560              Each kilogram

32"  $1700              Each kilogram



1kg = 10 bundles, 1 bundle = 100gram

Pure unprocessed raw virgin hair

Shipping within 5-14 days working days

Minium order Quanity is 1kg in single length and texture

There will be 10 Bundles in a Kilo. So 1 Bundle is 100 Grams.


Yes, it is Virgin and unprocessed hair. 


We are from India.. Chennai, India.


Wavy Add $80 more per kilogram

Curly Add $110 more per kilogram 


  • Remy Vs Virgin

    What is Remy hair?

    Remy means the hair is collected and sorted from various sources with the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle doesn't tangle or matte. It is real human hair.

    The term "remy" is often translated into a different meaning than what it really stands for. Remy hair is often used in marketing and selling purposes that generally mislead the client into thinking they are getting the best grade of hair.

    Characteristic of Remy hair:

    The real Remy human hair or remi human hair weave is considered the best quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. Aligning and preserving the hair cuticles in a unilateral direction ensures the natural look and feel of hair extensions.

    Remy human hair wig and extensions also tend to be the most popular types of human hair extension on the market due to their exceptional quality and value. For non-remy hair extensions, the collection process varies so cuticle directions become mixed, leading to inevitable matting, tangling and shedding problems.

    While the non-remy hair may initially feel silky and soft, after a number of washes the silicone coating used to keep it super smooth eventually wears off, leaving the hair feeling harsh and brittle. So, Remy hair is highly recommended if you want to the soft and smooth hair weft or extensions.

    What is Virgin hair?

    Virgin Hair is simply hair from a living individual donor that has not been chemically processed, permed, colored or dyed. It's the closest possible hair from the original donor.

    So we can say, it is the exact hair that was on the donors head prior to harvesting. Quality virgin hair will normally be soft and feel 100% natural to the touch.

    Characteristic of Virgin hair:

    1 Virgin hair gives a person more options . for daily wear you may choose simple or sophisticated styles, for special occasions such as a wedding you may try extravagant styles .you can change your hairstyle or color however you want and your virgin hair will happily comply.

    2 Virgin hair acts naturally. Synthetic hair tend to have a shiny, annoying look, it can be recognized at a glance, but virgin hair is not the comes untreated so they retain all the natural qualities of natural hair. No matter how you apply them, the units fall and frame the face just like your own hair.

    3 No shedding one issue about women hair is shedding, virgin hair comprises of thick and strong strands which do not break easily. The strands are flexible and their volume remains constant, so you can easily comb and not worry about losing hair.

    4 Virgin hair is constructed by careful and skilled hands, so it will last longer than any other type of remy or synthetic hair, and to be honest purchasing such a virgin hair can be quite an investment , if you're seeking a unit which can maintain and keep for a long period of time then virgin hair would be the best option.

    Difference between remy hair and virgin hair

    Let's conclude the two definitions:

    For a long time, Remy hair is probably the most misunderstood and overused phrase in the hair industry. Remy hair is achieved when the cuticles are still intact and not stripped, and most importantly it's bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor.

    Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates hair extensions that are completely natural in appearance. Any other product does not fit the bill

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